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The textile company Timorous Beasties, who has had some of their wallpaper featured on Sherlock [notably that beautiful black figured paper in Irene Adler's bedroom, and I'm pretty sure her sitting room was TB as well] has some new papers that I am just absolutely drooling over.

The grey is from their Butterflies collection and the duck-egg blue is from their Fruit Looters collection.

I think it's only about 300 pounds a roll. TOTALLY AFFORDABLE. HAHAHAHAHAAHA.

Anthropologie has some gorgeous papers right now, too.

My walls are adobe, and honestly I don't think I'd ever put wallpaper on them - the natural texture is too interesting, IMO, and it doesn't seem appropriate anyway. And I have brilliant color on most of my walls - I can't abide plain white or eggshell. My mother always wanted to do color on her walls but then always chickened out and went for eggshell. Fuck it, man, you only live once and life is short. If you *want* color, do color.

If I lived in a more traditional, East coast style house, I'd totally go for a vivid paper like one of these.

meme, etc

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:44 am
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My therapist disagrees with the other shrink's diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She doesn't think I have nearly enough manic indicators. That said, she doesn't think a mood stabilizer is necessarily a bad idea. She's going to consult with him, talk to him about my dissociation [I was so gobsmacked by his quick diagnosis I didn't even mention it] maybe they can come to a consensus.


I just finished the entire "Crazy Rich Asians" trilogy by Kevin Kwan. Total beach reads, designer porn, fluffy and fun, zippy writing style, and the characterizations were spiced enough to keep me clipping right along.

I continue to have a fuckton of other things to read. I'm taking my time. It's nice to be spoiled for choice when it comes to books.


The semester starts next week. I *think* I'm ready. Looking forward to more activity in the office for a change anyway. Things are getting kind of crazy with IT with setup [we share space] and everyone is kind of punchy, but at least they're in good moods, in that dizzy way. We all had a political bitchfest this morning, got the blood going. Thank fuck we're all bleeding heart snowflake liberals.


Semi-related to the last point, I find myself increasingly intolerant of Trump apologists of any stripe. Their rhetoric nauseates me, and their complicit silence nauseates me more. I have distanced myself from family and friends who are open Trump supporters, and I will not apologize for it. It is no longer a difference of political opinion; it is now a question of morality. This country is headed for a serious crisis, and we're going to have to choose sides. Those who scoffed at early comparisons to Germany in the thirties would do well to pay closer attention to the news now.


Meme I stole from [personal profile] magnetic_pole. I haven't done a meme in ages!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

- sunglasses
- makeup bag
- phone
- keys
- wallet. Wow, that's exciting.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

- a fuckton of jewelry.
- my battle station [aka my vanity, where I do my face]
- a fuckton of perfume.
- my Kindle, or whatever book I'm reading at the moment. And usually I'm reading three or four at a time, plus magazines, so there's usually a jumble of reading material on my night table at all times.
- Often, Nina.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

- publish a book. [done! :D]
- world tour. So many places, I can't name just a few. The only place I've been abroad is Ireland. Mexico and Canada don't count.
- drive a race car on a track, I don't care what kind. As long as I can go really, really, REALLY fast.
- get an inside tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.
- walk in high heels. [Total pipe dream. Never going to happen :)]

5 things that make me happy:

- friends
- fandom, much of the time
- books
- fashion
- Nina <3

5 things I’m currently into:

- Sherlock
- The makeup boards on Reddit and Makeupalley
- corn on the cob
- golden pear tomatoes
- inviting cancer to go fuck itself

5 things on my to-do list:

- finish cleaning house for Artemis' visit
- do a tumblr meme that [personal profile] ancientreader invited me to do
- give myself a serious pedicure
- evaluate summer wardrobe for downsizing; accordingly, evaluate fall wardrobe [yay fall!]
- get back into a regular exercise routine. Poor Nina is gaining weight, and I'm weak and flabby. :(

I would love to see everyone do this, of course! Have a swell day and night. :)
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Tired of being tired and feeling like ass and having this god-awful taste in my mouth always, ugh. I know, I know...the treatments are working. I am getting better, slooowly. I shouldn't complain. But goddammit I am so flipping fatigued always, and it's such a bummer.

I tried to do some cleaning today, because Artemis is coming to visit me in less than two weeks [yay!!!], and I got wiped out after half an hour [boo.]. I'll have to do it incrementally, fuuuuck. I don't like cleaning unless I'm in a groove, and incremental cleaning is the least groovy cleaning there is. But I haven't much choice.

It's been a depressing AF week anyway. Had chemo on Monday and had to get brake work done on the same day, whee. Have to have more expensive work done this Monday, but I guess at least I'll have a safe truck to drive. I won't be able to afford gas, but the truck will be safe, haha.

On Wednesday I went to see a new med-dispensing shrink because my current med-dispensing NP is leaving my therapist's practice [my therapist doesn't dispense meds] and after a battery of questions the shrink informed me I had bipolar disorder. I was like WTF, are you sure? He asked me some more questions, and was like, yeah, nobody's every diagnosed you with bipolar before? because you're definitely bipolar.

I was like...Oh. This is new. I must say, it's certainly been a summer of revelations. -____- He wants to put me on a mood stabilizer after I'm through with chemotherapy. I had a few days of reeling about it. I did some research and thinking, and I guess it's not too far off the mark, given some patterns of behavior, but it's still been hard to wrap my head around. I've been dealing with a lot of shit lately, and this is one more thing down the pike. It's more thing.

But maybe the meds will be awesome, who knows. I told him I don't want anything that makes me feel dead inside, and he said there are other meds that can help if the one he's thinking of doesn't, and I'm just trying to trust his expertise. He's not a warm fuzzy guy by any stretch of the imagination, but he seems to know his meds up and down, which is more important. Also, oddly, he seemed to suss out that I was a Monty Python fan really quickly and then played me a Beyond the Fringe clip while he went to look for some paperwork. I'm not sure how he worked that out. Dr. House, anyone? *scratches head*

Isabella Blow, in my icon, is one of my fashion and style goddesses. She was also bipolar and had a very sad life that she ended prematurely. I do have to remind myself to be grateful for the good things I have.


Besides Rifftrax and MST3K [old and new], the only thing I've really watched on TV lately was The People vs. O.J. Simpson, which was way better than I thought it would be. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, though, because it's easier than watching something moving on a screen when you feel like shit. I just finished Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, which was fluffy and fun enough for me to check out his two other books - I think they're sequels but I'm not sure. I read The Fireman by Joe Hill, which was okay but not as good as Heart Shaped Box. I reread all of Simon Doonan's books [I own them all] - he is in charge of all the windows at Barneys in New York, which - if you've never seen them, you should Google them, because they are fantastic. And he is hilarious and a wonderful writer and also married to Jonathan Adler, which is cool.

And I just read this peculiar French novel called A Rebours [Against Nature, or Against the Grain as some translations call it] about a guy named Jean des Esseintes who decides to shut himself away from society and build himself a world that is totally artificial and super-aesthetic and entirely to his own tastes.

I couldn't say it wasn't interesting. Des Essientes is the original hipster asshole - anything that's popular, he finds a reason to hate. He keeps etchings depicting scenes of torture on his walls. He concocts a meal of entirely black foods. He had a tortoise jeweled so he could watch its stones play light off the carpet he'd bought [the poor creature died from the cruelty]. He's so sexually jaded that he fucked a ventriloquist who simulated her husband bellowing from outside so that he could get the thrill of in flagrante delicto. He fucks young boys. He creates artificial flowers and all sorts of perfumes. He keeps a small library of 'pure' French and Latin books because everything else is shit. He reads Catholic theology for the smells and bells, and not because of actual faith or human goodwill. He decides to take a trip to London, but gets as far as an English pub in France and decides he's had enough of an authentic English experience and then heads back home.

Apparently this was the book that made Dorian Gray entranced in Oscar Wilde's novel, and served as a sort of primer for wannabe Decadents in the late 19th and early 20th century. I thought it was kind of funny/amusing myself, and wasn't sure if it was meant to be satire or not. I could see Brian Slade and Jack Fairy taking it very, very seriously. :)

Anyway, I suppose I'd recommend it. It's certainly stuck with me over the past couple of weeks.

Other than that, I've been reading a lot of stuff on MakeupAlley and Makeup Addiction on Reddit. Yep, I've become a Redditor, it's sad. But the makeup boards are so much fun. So many looks! So many tips! So much shade thrown at Jeffree Star and Doe Deere of Lime Crime! Two people who richly deserve it, tbh, no matter how cool their makeup lines are.


And then early this week, or late last week, I can't remember, I got a snarky comment on The Case of the Green Gown. It went something like [this is paraphrased]: well, I was GOING to leave you a kudos, but then you went and had Mycroft musing about torturing terrorists' families. Do you approve of this? Not to mention capital punishment!

I was like, oh, for fuck's sweet sake. So I answered, very succinctly. Basically, "Of course not. Depiction does not imply endorsement!"

Okay, first of all, if this person has an issue with capital punishment, they probably shouldn't be watching Sherlock, wherein our hero blows a man's face away at close range. And whose best buddy also effectively murders a guy in the very first episode.

Second of all...not quite sure how to put this. I don't think it pays to trust a narrator, you know? I certainly didn't write that story with the intention that every thought and action of any given narrator at any given time was right and good. In fact, the story was pretty much about a series of poor decisions. I don't know what else to say. If you *do* think that simply because Mycroft or Sherlock or John were the 'heroes' of the story, that they were always making the correct or morally pure choice along the way, you've missed the point.

That said...I have no control over what a reader thinks, do I? The author truly is dead. So while I thought it best to remind that particular reader that DEPICTION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT [good christ], that's as far as I was willing to go. I'm not very into over-explaining when it comes to fic. It's too much like work.


We got rain last night and it was glorious and cool, but tonight it's muggy and gross. Comme ci, comme ca. I'm off to watch Baryshnikov on Broadway on YouTube. Showboating little peacock, I love him so much.

Have a swell day and night!
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I finally threw all my Trainspotting fics onto AO3, as a whole set of linked ficlets in a single piece since they're nothing but PWPs.

Hardly A Substitute

So that's done!

Ugh, I have to remember how to do HTML tags again? I guess LJ spoiled me. :-/
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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warnings: Major Character Death/No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: Gen

Fandom: Sherlock - Fandom

Relationships: Mycroft Holmes & Uncle Rudy / Eurus Holmes & Mycroft Holmes

Characters: Mycroft Holmes,Uncle Rudy (Sherlock),Eurus Holmes

Additional Tags: Terminal Illnesses, child psychopathy

Language: English

Summary: Uncle Rudy sits Mycroft down for tea and a chat.

Heirs and Assigns
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Account Created on 22 January 2002 (#447316)

I am lazy, selfish, and sentimental.

I hate change, and I hate being inconvenienced even more. And as you can see from the above, I've been here on LJ for more than fifteen years. Nearly my entire fannish life has been spent here. I've made and strengthened friendships, indulged in pleasures, engaged in lively and sometimes heated conversation, and suffered losses [Govi and Mooms <3 <3 <3].

And I've told stories. Some fictional, some quotidian, some ranty, some from the deepest crevasses of my heart. In response to those stories, I've received great love and support in return - never more than when I was sick to the point of nearly dying [though those stories were often brief and full of horror]. Thank you for that. Thank you.

I never, ever wanted to leave here, even if the place was damn near moribund.

But this, for me, is untenable. Particularly the clauses pertaining to political activity and activities not in concordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Now, they may not affect me directly at the moment. But I am a queer woman. And given the slippery language [not valid in English, you'll note; only in Russian], I have little doubt that the TOS will at some point directly affect my brothers and sisters in Russia and its surrounding states. Even now, police in Chechnya are murdering gay men in fascistic cleansing operations. And this persecution isn't news in Russia either.

[As an aside, I have a deep love of Russian culture and the language. Some day, I would like to visit - but not now, in this climate, not for years and years.]

So, knowing this, I can't in good conscience remain.

I'm migrating fully to Dreamwidth. You can find me there, same name.
If you want to say hi, please do. If you stay here, I'll miss you for sure, and no hard feelings at all. I'll let this journal lie dormant for a little while, then delete altogether.

Take care, everyone.




Mar. 7th, 2017 09:54 am
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My book is now available at Amazon for 4.99 USD or comparable prices internationally. [ebook only - you can get a free Kindle app for any device]

You can also check me out at My nom de plume is in honor of my favorite literary hero. Sort of hero anyway. :D I am thinking of posting essay-type stuff there, the more thoughtful, meandery stuff I used to post here. We shall see. I have a couple of ideas brewing.

Whoo, this has been a long time in the making! It's been consuming most of my free time and thought as well, but it's finally done, yay. I feel like I can breathe again!

My next project is a Cabin Pressure fic for Sundayduck for Fandom Trumps Hate. We've been batting ideas around and I'm excited to start writing for her. I haven't written Cabin Pressure in a long time.
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My offering is up.

Even if you don't bid on my work, have a look at the other contributors and consider bidding to raise money for any one of a number of very worthy causes!
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So who's leaving, who's staying?

I don't want to go. I've been here for almost fifteen years. But if nobody else is going to be here it hardly seems worth it. :(

Oh, and I spent two hours at urgent care tonight. I have a UTI. Yay. Feels swell.

I'd say what else can happen this year but we still have a day to go. Fuck.
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All the celebrity deaths this year, and two made me cry: David Bowie, and Carrie Fisher.

I said this on the Book of Faces: Of all the princesses of my childhood, she was the bravest, the cleverest, the strongest, the most beautiful.

That was about Leia, of course. But Ms. Fisher was never anything but wittily gracious about her inadvertent and unexpected icon status. She dealt with addiction and mental illness for most of her life, and was the first person I ever knew of to meet mental illness head-on, with humor and grit and determination, instead of treating it like a dirty secret. That alone makes her a hero.

[Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died today as well. The blows keep coming.]

She was funny. Oh lord was she funny. Here are 37 examples.

And as a kid, I idolized her. I was a major, major Leia fangirl, but I fangirled Carrie too. I'd get all excited over every mention of her I saw in newspapers or magazines or anything I'd see on TV. In the first grade, my mother made me a beautiful Leia costume for Halloween, boots and belt and all. My hair was down to my butt, long enough to do the cinnamon buns. My brothers loaned me a laser pistol. I was the bomb. I happily played Leia in the neighborhood Star Wars games with my friends Mark and Jeff [in costume, of course, until the thing didn't fit any more]. You can diss George Lucas for a lot of things, but Leia was no shrinking flower - she was a fantastic role model for little girls.

And Carrie Fisher was every bit as strong and brave and clever and beautiful as the princess she embodied, and I am so glad I was privileged to share the planet with her for a time.

Goodbye, bright star, you luminous being. I'll miss you.
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A merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate, and a good day to everyone else.

Nina and me, giving kissy faces to everyone. :D

Well, I was going to try to do some writing, but I got a sore, tickly throat on Monday morning, started sneezing Monday afternoon, and had a full-blown head cold by Monday night. What a suckfest. It's pretty much run its course, but it made writing impossible. :( And I don't get sick often; it always feels like my body hates me [such a drama queen]. I pumped myself full of echinacea and vitamin C and tried to get as much sleep as I could. Not too much of a surprise - I was run down from work and not eating enough fruits and veg and there was crud going around anyway. BAH.

But I left work with a clean slate and a clean conscience and a bunch of gifts to be opened tomorrow evening when I get home from the family celebration. That's nice. :D

Yesterday I went to see Rogue One with my sister. Mostly, I really enjoyed it. minor spoilery remarks )

I want to see Hidden Figures and Manchester by the Sea, also Arrival. On TV I plan to watch Black Mirror and The Crown. This week while I was ill I watched Big Eyes with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz and was genuinely confused by Christoph Waltz's performance. Was he trying to chew the scenery that hard, or...? Anyway, I liked it all right. Sort of mundane for a Tim Burton movie except that the film sort of dances around Margaret Keane's true reason for painting those creepy-kitschy big-eyed kids. I also watched the documentary Minimalism and enjoyed it. I'm no minimalist myself, not with my attachment to possessions, but I do try to consume thoughtfully for the most part.


Today I caught up on chores - laundry and cleaning. I baked some chicken for the week as well. Still didn't feel tip-top, so didn't take Miss Nina for a walk. Poor thing, I've been neglecting her exercise. It's a good thing she goes to my sister's during the week and runs about, otherwise she'd just be lying around all day. :(

Now the house is clean, I've watched It's a Wonderful Life and MST3K's Santa Claus and The Lion in Winter - it's time to crack open the bottle of Rogue Cow Cookies and Cream liqueur I got from one of the profs and catch up on tumblr, then fold a little laundry and head to bed with a book. Tomorrow it's dinner and presents at my sister's house.

So long, and happy holidays. :)
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Hiya all,

I haven't checked LJ or tumblr yet because I'm here in PA and having a fantastic time, but I did write a tiny little Jamie/Jim [sort of] Christmas fic, and here it is:

A Letter Home

Best wishes to all!
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FIC: A Colder Blood Than You Possess
Author: Alex
Fandom: Crossover: Only Lovers Left Alive/Velvet Goldmine
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Adam/Curt Wild
Disclaimer: Neither film's concepts nor characters belong to me.
Summary: Kit Marlowe has a tale to tell.
Warnings: Blood drinking.

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Chapter 3 of Method Act is here. Please leave comments at AO3.
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I'm taking a leaf from [ profile] emmagrant01's notebook - I've decided to post my fic to AO3 only, but will post updates here for those who don't subscribe to me or who don't go to AO3 as a matter of course. Please leave kudos and/or comments, should you desire, at AO3.

Title: Method Act
Author: Alex
Fandom: Sherlock/RPF
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston, Sherlock Holmes/Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch/John Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch/Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes/Louise Brealey, Sherlock Holmes/Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch/Mycroft Holmes
Summary: Something very strange keeps happening at 7:35 PM.
Note: Inspired by a prompt on the Sherlock Rant Meme. Thanks, anon prompter. :)
Content/Tags: Bodyswap, Pseudoscience, Magic, Alternate Universe, Light BDSM, Case Fic, Peril, Non-Consensual Bondage, Non-Sexual Bondage, RPF, Implied Relationships, Stalking, Kidnapping

Many thanks to kimberlite for stellar beta and steadfast friendship.


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