9/20/2017 Diablo Foothills State Park

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:02 pm
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Went out with U, DW, and one other for the first time since early July, starting at 8:30 am. It was overcast with no wind so I went out in a t-shirt, a canvas shirt, and my trusty neckwarmer and was fine. No goddamned warblers nor any migrants save a Pacific-slope flycatcher or possibly two, and here it's the goddamned equinox. Very frustrating. A nice list of residents: )

Experiments in carrying bins )

ohh IIIIIIIIIIII...II'm still aliiive

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:55 am
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A little Pearl Jam for ya there. I used to be all into them in the 90s, even saw them at Lollapalooza in 1992. Now I can't bear listening to them, or honestly a lot of music from that period. So. Fucking. Depressing! Thank god I discovered electronica and techno halfway through the decade.

I'm finally bouncing back from my last bout of chemo, which was last Monday, a week and a half ago. Worst one yet, whoo! It was compounded by the cold I caught from my student employee. I guess I was lucky to make it through without getting sick thus far, immunocompromised as I am. Whatever, at least I'm feeling better now, and the metallic grossness in my mouth is beginning to dissipate. And I [hopefully, hopefully] just have one more to go. \0/

Also...my eyelashes are beginning to grow back, which is so great. You guys have no idea how important eyelashes are, and I don't mean just aesthetically, though that is nice [and to me, almost as pleasing as the hair on my scalp]. They really do protect your eyes from dust and grit. If I didn't wear glasses most of the time I'd be tearing up constantly from all the crud in them.


The mornings are lovely and brisk. It's almost October! And almost time to start decorating the office for Halloween. SO EXCITED. Halloween is the BEST. This year, because we share space with IT now that our new building is in the process of construction, we are joining forces. They usually go crazy with spiderwebs, and I usually do full-on Gothic, so that'll be fun. I will pull all my post-mortem framed photos out of storage, and all my black spray-painted flowers and gilt candelabra and skulls and black drapery and little velvet and glitter and feathery ravens. We have a lot less surface area this year, but we'll make it work. :D


I still have my summer clothes out because it's still in the high eighties and low 90s during the day, but next week it's supposed to get down into the low seventies! Oh my goodness. Of course then we'll get hit by a wave of nothing but 93 degree weather.

This weekend, at least, I intend to transition from spring/summer to fall/winter perfumes. CAN'T WAIT. My fall/winter perfumes are a thousand times more awesome anyhoo.


My older sister and I went to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in the cinema the day before I had my last chemo. I hadn't seen it in...oh, at LEAST fifteen years, I imagine. I forgot how good it was, though I had to close my eyes at the parts with the worms, AAAAAGH. And...were those really Ricardo Montalban's pecs? Once and for all. Cause if they were, he was cut, man. It was SO much better than Into Darkness. Sorry Benny! I love you and all, but there were years of history behind STII and genuine relationships behind the drama. I had tears pouring down my face at the end, and then, of course, I had to go home and watch the best vid ever.

Le sigh.


In other...fashion news, a few days ago a girl came in wearing shorts that revealed the entire bottom half of her ass. Now, I genuinely want to not give a fuck about other people's fashion choices, and I don't consider myself terribly prudish, but I couldn't stop boggling. I mean, she had a nice ass and everything, so props for that...? But this was the ENTIRE BOTTOM HALF OF HER ASS. I mean, she might as well have worn a thong and left it at that. No bueno, muchacha. You're not on Spring Break. -___-


Speaking of Benny, I saw the trailer for The Current War and it looks sort of, um, boring. I'll go to see it, and I hope it's good, but I'm skeptical. If even a trailer is deadly dull, I'm terrified for the prospects of the actual movie. But I have a MoviePass, so movies are a lot cheaper if I go to see more nowadays. I am looking forward to seeing The Child in Time, though. That looks good, even though I'm not generally a fan of Ian MacEwan.

I think BC is hotter when he does flashy roles like Sherlock. I thought the same about Ewan McGregor - I loved him way more in roles like Obi-Wan and Curt Wild than in roles where he played a writer or a reporter or whatever. I suppose that says more about me and my preferences than about the actors I like.


I started watching The Defenders and got bored after the third one. I realized I was really only watching for Matt Murdock and there wasn't enough of him in it to satisfy me. If someone makes a Matt-only edit, LMK. Oh, and if they included Sigourney Weaver and Rosario Dawson that would be cool too, but the rest of them, meh. I don't even care about Jessica Jones anymore. :-/ I don't know what happened. It feels like it's trying too hard or something to be edgy, and I can't stand the dull-as-Wonder-Bread guy who plays Iron Fist at ALL.

God, I sound so cranky. I don't mean to dump on it, I just don't think it's for me anymore. :(


So, I decided to wear a wig today, because it's been freezing in the office, and a wig is way warmer than a bandana or scarf. I could wear a woolly hat, but I've got the wig, might as well wear it. And one of my death cafe pals, a cancer survivor, had a wig she never wore, so she gave it to me, so now I have two. Pics under cut )


I wrote last night - 1500 words! It would be great to finish my chapter this evening. I'm close to completing my CP story. I feel so guilty for taking so damn long with it. :-/


At my therapist's recommendation, I am taking up the heavy bag in order to purge some anger. I have obtained an empty canvas punching bag from one of the guys at work - need to fill it with cotton rags or old towels or blankets or something, which won't be a problem - yay thrift stores. And, I have purchased MMA gloves and liners...in PINK. Of course in pink! I want to hang the bag outside, but I'll have to wrap it in a tarp or something so it doesn't get all gross. Not that we get a lot of rain or snow, sheesh.

I'm looking forward to it. I need this, mentally. And honestly, I could use the upper body workout. I literally do NOTHING for my upper body. I need a power playlist.


I suppose that's all the news that's fit to print for now. Hope you're all having a wonderful day and night.
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The "Wildcat Peak Trail is closed" signs disappeared a while ago so this morning I went up to see if the trail had really been fixed or just bashed down by foot traffic. But first I was surprised on Upper Packrat Trail by a bicycle coming up behind me. The guy claimed to have come from a trail "up there" and to have seen no signs; I know of no trail "up there" and the ranger I reported it to much later didn't seem to believe the claim, either. I wish I could say I made him turn back, but I think he would have pushed me off the trail had I refused to step aside. So that was a nice start.

Wildcat Peak Trail has indeed been fixed, wider and flatter than before. I guess it was done by a couple of guys with shovels as I cannot imagine how to get any other equipment to the site short of a helicopter. Maybe that's what they did. Anyway, once up that far (the slide site is a lot closer to the top than I recalled, but then I was too freaked to remember clearly) I of course did not turn around (my plan were it not sufficiently fixed) and after briefly contemplating going down Conlon I settled for the connector down to Laurel Canyon Trail and out.

There have been first of season reports for a number of winter species, but I neither heard nor saw any. Wildcat Peak Trail has no hard bits but it's boring and today was no exception. Just the usuals: )

So not an exciting morning, and it produced some un-encouraging empirical data. Stupid back. )

I forgot to say that the weather was perfect, clearing quickly but cool. I went out in two t-shirts and a light flannel, with my neckwarmer to start, and was quite comfortable.
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I got out about sunrise, went to three places, and was home about 11:30, so have three short lists. Point Emery: )

I didn't stay long before heading up the frontage road to what used to be called Berkeley Meadow. I walked east up the Virginia street extension, through the park, out the west gate, and along the fence back to the car. McLaughlin Eastshore State Park: )

There were great reports from Richmond Shoreline yesterday monrning but today it was the least productive. Meeker Slough: )

A day of mysteries.

My timing was terrible in that I was at Richmond Shoreline right around high tide and didn't want to hang around for an hour or more while the tide receded. There was also intense clean-up activity, which is wonderful if only briefly noticeable, given the unimaginable amount of crap that washes continually onto those shores and marshes, so too many people, however good their reason for being there.

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Sep. 14th, 2017 09:40 pm
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TMI... So I discovered this week that if you spend 6-7 hours in a haze of short naps interspersed with vomiting or dry heaving, depending on whether you think you're done and decided to risk eating or drinking again, then when you recover from that haze, some basic functions, like laughing, coughing, and sneezing, will be incredibly painful because you will have strained your back muscles. In fact, they will be difficult to finish at all. Sneezus Interruptus.

I was really doing fine without this knowledge. Ignorance can be bliss.

I'm very grateful that I'm off tomorrow for a long weekend with friends and expect to do nothing more strenuous then maybe a stroll around the block. And some mild stretching.
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I drove up through the fog to higher overcast, but the weather rose as well. It looked like this )

There were breaks in the clouds over Contra Costa and thunder to the SSE while I was in the parking lot, but it got worse as I headed north: not much rain but wind so strong I turned back at the first gap in the ridge lest I be blown over. Twenty minutes later I was able to continue and despite not much energy I walked out to 2 mile and back. Lack of birds doesn't help, but it was all made worthwhile just north of the first cattle gate. I was looking for a thrasher calling in a little hollow to the west; I never found it but I did find a wonderful mixed flock: bushtits, several blue-gray gnatcatchers, a Hutton's vireo, two orange-crowned warblers, and a chickadee. This is what we're always hoping for. I wasn't going to bother with a list til that happened: )

Some colorful and varied vegetation at about one and a half mile. )

It was 11 am and I didn't want to go home yet so I spent an hour at the EBRP Botanic Garden. It was still overcast but not cold, or even windy down in the gorge, and I had quite a few birds not encountered up on the ridge. Best was sitting on a bench and listening to purple finches singing and calling just over my head: Another short list: )

My view from the aforesaid bench )

Other taxa: From the Botanic Garden's primary bridge over Wildcat Creek I watched an enormous crayfish slowly but steadily working its way upstream. I've never noticed one there before and saw no other in other parts of the stream. I know they're in Jewel so presumably they're in Anza, but that's still quite a ways downstream. Impressive.

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Sep. 12th, 2017 11:13 pm
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 So, I'm thinking about the merits of staying in Wales vs. the merits of going home.

If I stay in Wales, I've got a good base set up, a familiarity with the city and I have friends - however, there's the case of finding a new job that may not necessarily be here, plus the fact that I really don't want to stay here long-term. There's also the fact that no matter how great it is being here, I'm having a lot of trouble shaking off my OCD and anxiety and have done for a long time. I've been having trouble coping and there's been a lot of time spent feeling depressed. I know there's the good stuff as well, the going out and the writing events and workshops but I have an anxiety association with this city as a result of the thoughts and feelings I've suffered during my downtime, that feeling of suffocation and being hemmed in and just generally not having a great quality of life at times; in fact, it's been rather limited. I'm tired of not having a proper home, for example and just living out of one room that's never quite felt like mine, no matter how much I decorate the bare walls with fandom posters. There were some very long, very bad days that bled into everything I love and they've almost set a precedent for the life I live here because it's like I expect to keep having days like that, and can't really stay happy for long. I know that's something I need to sort out and I really do think I need to be honest with myself and consider therapy. But I also hate being so far away from my family for what feels like no good reason, especially as the whole purpose of my being here - a job that I was really keen to do - is ending. I feel left behind if I stay here without it and it's not helped by the fact that so many of my friends from work are moving away. It just feels wrong to stay and I was actually in tears last night with the realisation of how much I want to leave.

If I go home however, it has to be a short-term thing. I know - we've been here before and I was in a bad place when I was living with Dad and Mum. But a lot of that was due to the fact that Mum was so ill and I myself had anxiety that I couldn't talk about. Dad has said I can come home any time I want but it would probably take us full circle again: me living at home with nothing to do. Dad is a lot more tolerant as a whole (sorry, Mum) but I can't do that to him. I want to be at home for a little while - and am hoping to be there Monday after next if all the final clearances are done - but I need to be in job-hunt mode and be ready to leave again. I know that I'm probably craving familiarity and something stable right now but I can't stay at home all my life. I've come so far on my own and that's something to be proud of but I think I need a bit of help as I'm basically just struggling to be happy.

... I just really want to go home. Just for a bit, before I set off on the next adventure.

(Also, my John Watson poster keeps falling off the wall. I think he kinda wants to leave as well).


Sep. 11th, 2017 03:38 pm
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So I wore the flanged ear plugs on the way to work once and discovered they are useless to me. Returning them is too much trouble (I've given up amazon AGAIN so returning stuff is a pain) and will ship them at once to anyone who wants to try them. Comment and then we can take it to email or whatever for the details. Please take them off my hands!

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Sep. 10th, 2017 02:34 pm
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I think of fandom as being very liberal, which is of course, not entirely true, as fandom is a collection of many, diverse people, some of whom I know to be conservative. But it still surprises me, this group of people who constantly champion equality, when I run across one of those fics set in an AU where slavery, or sometimes indentured servitude by contract, is an established part of the culture. Sometimes it's BDSM, and of course always sexual, with a large amount of non-con. I keep expecting one of them to really deal with slavery as a cultural issue, and a bad thing, but I've never come across one. I mean, it's a bad thing for the slave, and sometimes the owner is accommodating to the slave, and recognizes it's not a great situation, but I keep thinking I'll see one where the slave and owner start a revolution, but no, the fic tends to focus on the relationship and the couple being happy and in love at the end, ownership status unchanged.

I haven't seen a ton, but enough that it seems to be its own little category. I have read a number of them, though tend to be frustrated, as the slave half of the OTP is usually OOC-meek, and the owner is occasionally a total douchebag. If it's too much, 'who are these characters?' I give up.

It is fiction, and fiction is fantasy, and does not necessarily reflect the author's desires. I don't read underage fics thinking that the writer is a pedophile, etc. But I have a hard time wrapping my head around this category. Fandom is so vehement about the flaws in this world, and then creates these worlds that are absolutely heinous. I just find it perplexing.

Weirdly, it's an inconsistency that makes me think of my work, where we regularly go through these personality tests, because we should all value different characteristics and use our awareness of them to work better together. I'm a gold in one, a perfectionist in another, an Introvert-something-something-something in another. And yet all our job opportunities list desirable qualities of confidence and a good sense of humor. I want a job opportunity that admits the need for a detail-oriented introvert who wants to be left alone to do her work. If we do actually value all these different types of people, occasionally we should want to hire one, right?

Some days it seems like there is nothing certain in life except inconsistency.

9/10/2017 Inspiration Trail

Sep. 10th, 2017 09:44 am
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Took what is becoming my usual Sunday morning walk down Inspiration Trail, this time almost to the not-a-junction with Nimitz Way (blocked by cows). I was only out two hours because by 9 am it was quite warm. Surprise of the day was hearing both acorn woodpecker and white-breasted nuthatch up on the ridge. Not much migration so far: )

On the way out there was a coyote that kept peeking back around the corner at me to see if I was still coming, which I was, though very slowly. I glimpsed it on the way back, too.


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:31 pm
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Hey. So this update is just a copy/paste from tumblr. Feels weird posting 'mature' person stuff there, but I've got a few mutuals who are not exactly youngsters, so. Anyway -

Finally remembered to stop at the pharmacy where I get my bp meds and ask about something for stupid hot flashes. It was awkward, because first I had to get my work translator on the phone and explain to her what I needed (she’s pretty young. but she finally cottoned on), then hand the phone to the pharmacist. But. It worked out.

Then I came home and looked up the stuff they gave me - not that I thought my pharmacist would steer me wrong (she’s helped through a few other things), but to check that stuff got translated right.

And yay, I’ve got stuff that should help. :) Chinese medicine is a little wacky at times. The stuff I’ve got comes in little packets of seed-sized balls. And there’s a lot of them in each packet (two packets twice a day. two different meds commonly taken together). I’m already taking nine pills at night (prescriptions and needed supplements).

I feel so fucking old.

....and now more rambling just for you. I think I'm looking more and more like my grandmother as I get older. Acting like her, too. I do miss her.

I've also put on a lot of weight this year. I mostly blame my head meds.

I guess that's all.

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So that's that. Our final day of work was today - at least, the building was shut down. There's still a couple of weeks of derigging to do but that's all the main stuff done. There was an incredible buzz in the building first thing and everyone was kind of excited and nervous. When it was all over, we all stuck around for a kind of finishing party/speeches and there were a lot of tears - not from me, oddly and I feel bad about that. I hugged a lot of other teary people, though. I got a bit emotional and told my TL how much I would miss her and that she was the best team leader I'd had. Saying goodbye to her is one of the hardest parts of this because I've never met anyone like her; she was kind to me when my Mum died and when I had my massive OCD attack early last year - after that, she was instantly able to recognise when my OCD was kicking off and would ask what she could do to help, which in many cases was usually providing a distraction in the form of a conversation, or a task. She's always supported me and always had my back and I am going to miss her so much; I basically love her to pieces. This evening, she held my hand and told me the things that had bothered me - my Mum's death and my OCD - were things I couldn't help; that I was a hard worker; that I needed to believe in myself and that I shouldn't think I wasn't as good as everyone else. We were all just hugging each other for hours over our colas. Then we went to the pub as usual.

It really is the end of an era for me; for everyone. The life we've known for the past three years is now fading. I can't pretend it's been a smooth ride; the beginning was fabulous and so was the end but the middle has been a mixture of Days; days when I threw myself into work, did well, was chilled and just went home after a great shift and days when I sat at home, depressed, eating crisps, crying a lot, trying to write and failing, unable to relax and waiting to go back into work. I've often been physically exhausted and highly anxious; trying to be happy and not quite getting there. It sounds sad but the job has been my life here; it was my main reason for moving here and there's not been a great deal outside it, save for my writing group. I've been at a bit of a loose end in this city and I think I kind of want to leave, now? I don't really want to stay. Maybe I could if the right job came along - and it would be hard, starting over again somewhere else. But I think, what I want to do first and foremost, more than anything else, is to just have a break; to go home and spend some time with my Dad.

In any case, I've got a couple of days to myself now to figure things through. I think I'm just going to stay awake for a bit - much to my shame, I didn't realise Danger Mouse Series 2 had started and I have a couple of episodes to catch up on that I've missed. I think I'd like to make a hot chocolate and curl up a while.

So, yep. Welcome to Redundancy, basically. Here's hoping it won't last long.
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U and I left the East Bay at 7 am for Fort Mason via the San Rafael and GG bridges, which was not nearly as painful as I feared. We spent time in the community garden, walked around the General's mansion, and sat on a bench overlooking the batteries before moving on to The Presidio and El Polin Springs. The birding was much less interesting both places than on previous visits. A few yellow warblers at Fort Mason and that was it for warblers. One just never knows. Surprise of the day was a single call of a blue-gray gnatcatcher near the General's residence at Fort Mason. We looked at each other in shock; there was no question what we'd heard, but we could not find it. U has become a trained watcher with the Hawk Hill crew and said they had a flock of sixty gnatcatchers come through recently. Without that information I might have thought we were both delusional. Fort Mason: )

We shared El Polin Springs with several classes of small children at various decibel levels and three twenty-something white guys who were obviously tripping. Took me a while to twig, but no one giggles that much without chemical aid. We went up the stairs because I thought I heard a tanager, but nothing so interesting appeared. Best bird there was the selasphorous sp we saw at the north edge of the tiny parking lot, exactly where others had been in May 2014, though not in September 2015. Birds, man, I dunno. El Polin Springs: )

It's always good to get out, but these are not the lists we were hoping for.

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Sep. 7th, 2017 09:53 pm
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Has anyone heard from Glass Houses? I'm pretty sure she lives in the area impacted by Harvey.

the improbable dream

Sep. 7th, 2017 05:43 pm
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I just read that Tom Ford is coming out with a fragrance called - wait for it - Fucking Fabulous.

Edgy, huh. Anyway, the name, which some folks are absolutely clutching their pearls over, isn't what's making me gasp - it's the price. $310 USD for 1.7 ounces, or 50 ml. I think that's freakin' crazy. And I don't own *any* TF frags because the price is just so prohibitive - though I like Santal Blush and Neroli Portofino, and I'd like to have some Noir de Noir for sure.

Which makes me wonder - is there a holy grail fragrance for you? Would you be willing to shell out big money for it?

For myself, I'd love to have some original Ralph Lauren Tuxedo, and Catherine Deneuve Deneuve, both big 80s scents. Le Labo came out with Belle du Soir which is a pretty good dupe for Deneuve, and I have a solid of that, but I'd still like the original. And I have an Irma Shorell version of Tuxedo which, sadly, smells nothing like the original I remember, which was so glamorous and sharp and sophisticated. I was a kid when I had the tiny bottle of the stuff, and I kept the bottle long after the fragrance was gone, just to smell the faint dregs. Sigh.

I wouldn't pay 300 for an ounce, but I would consider *maybe* 100 for each, if decent unturned bottles were to show up. It's so risky to buy blind, though.... :-/

What's your long lost fragrance dream?

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Sep. 7th, 2017 09:56 am
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I got 1500 words of my Cabin Pressure fic written last night, woot! I'm pretty sure I can attribute that to the lunchtime walk I took. Even though it was still fairly hot and icky, I wanted to start exercising again, and I felt well enough to hoof around for a while. Walking almost always shakes my writing loose because I can plot and plan as I walk; solvitur ambulando [it is solved by walking]. I should have known there was another reason, besides illness and lethargy, that I wasn't getting any writing done this summer.

So that's nice. I hope I can keep that going. I can't walk today because I have to use my lunch for bloodwork, meh, but tomorrow for sure. I wish I had enough vim to walk in the morning, but that would also require me to be a morning person, which I am so not. And because I was keyed up after writing, I didn't fall asleep until about 11:45 last night, so I didn't quite sleep enough, so I stayed in bed until the last possible minute this morning. The snake nipped its tail.


Soooo, there's this perfume by Viktor and Rolf called Flowerbomb. It's been out for, I dunno, maybe eight, ten years? And all this time I never noticed that the shape of the bottle is that of a grenade. EDGY. Still, I see but do not observe, ahaha.

Viktor and Rolf are pretty avant-garde when it comes to design, but honestly I find the scent a little pedestrian. I love, love floral perfumes - not soliflores, but mixed florals, so I thought Flowerbomb would be right up my alley, but when I smell it I get patchouli, some sticky-sweet note I can't identify, and a plasticky synthetic smell. And I like gourmand scents, so I don't know why this one doesn't resonate for me.

Meh, I want a big floral, I'll go with Guerlain's Jardins de Bagatelle, or Estee Lauder's Beautiful. Both huge florals, and significantly cheaper than Flowerbomb.

In other fragrance news, Tom Ford is coming out with a fragrance called Fucking Fabulous. The price is pretty fucking fabulous anyway - $310 for 1.7 ounces [50ml].

Oh Tom. UR SO COOL. Apparently the notes are bitter almond oil, tonka bean, orris root, leather, cashmeran and clary sage oil. Sounds...I don't know. Could be great, might be fucking awful. I do like the majority of the TF frags I've smelled, but none of them have knocked my fucking socks off yet.

Good fucking luck, TF! /snort


I've been reading a bunch of ballet novels, four or five. They were all okay, nothing to squee over, but they did satisfy the itch I have now and then for ballet fiction. Last night I finished a nonfiction book called Primates of Park Avenue, a catchy title but a bad book. Essentially, this woman and her small family move from downtown Manhattan to a prestigious address on Park Avenue where everyone is socially competitive. The book is framed anthropologically, which falls flat after a while. And eventually the author "goes native" - she gets her husband to buy her an Hermes Birkin bag so she has a 'sword and shield' to defend herself against/ingratiate herself with her new peers, for one thing, and her 'anthropological' justification of the purchase is downright gross. It's her money [or her husband's, more accurately], she can do as she pleases, but just admit you want the obscenely expensive handbag [ten thousand dollars! holy SHIT], don't pretend you're buying it for science and sociology and great justice. I finished the book and was glad I did, because it actually ended on a rather sad and humanizing note, but overall I'd say avoid it. Blech.

Next up, I think, is a book about Coco Chanel and her collaboration with Nazis. I knew she was a collaborator, but apparently it was deeper and far more laden with intent than I had thought. The more I read about her, the less admirable she becomes. I see her maxims posted and reblogged all over the place and I cringe. I have two Chanel fragrances but they were both purchased secondhand so...not money in the company's pocket? I still feel a bit weird.


I'm considering 221B Con in April. I won't mention my possible partner in crime until it's an actual Thing, but I've never been to a single-purpose con for a fandom I love and it might be super-fun. And it would be cool to meet a lot of people who for years I've only known as names. So we shall see. :D


Oh! My kitchen has been painted! It was a ginger-terracotta, and now it's a lovely....check it out! )

Have a swell day and night!

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